Outcomes vs requirements

We work through software outcomes, as opposed to software requirements.

1. Research

The first step of assessing how to solve a problem is to research it. This could involve talking to providers, assessors, other government workers, experts and more. The goal is to fully understand the context of the outcome, and exactly what problem would be solved through this outcome.

You can learn more about our design research at https://research.accreditron.com/

2. Design

The first design step is to generate concept solutions. These are quick, initial ideas of a potential solution. The point is to generate as many ideas as possible to review. Once several strong contenders have been identified, they are designed to a level of quality for review. At this point we meet key stakeholders (such as the Accreditation team), to discuss the options. What ideas seem to work, what ones have problems, what ones are more useful. This feedback is then used to improve the concepts. There may be several iterations before we find a solution which we think truly meets the outcome. This iteration is part of a standard modern design process.

3. Review

When we have the best idea, we then produce highly detailed mockups of the final solution, for a final review with key stakeholders. At this meeting we will review the exact functionality of the end solution. This can be considered creating the requirements for the final product. Only after this final review can we begin the build phase, starting with a three-amigos meeting.