Flexible Work

Standards for a flexible work environment. A flexible work policy issued by Traject Limited.

Why we have this policy

A flexible working policy allows you to do your job at a time, place and way that helps balance your life and work.

Flexible working offers benefits to you and our business, but it must not cause serious difficulties for our business or affect your job performance.

Flexible working can help with:

  • managing family demands, eg childcare or looking after a family member who is injured or has a long-term illness.

  • part-time study

  • cultural or sporting activities

  • lifestyle choices

  • volunteering in the community

  • managing a medical condition

  • gradually moving into retirement.

  • changes to start and finish times, eg 10am-6pm instead of 9am-5pm

  • same hours in fewer days, eg full-time hours in a nine-day fortnight

  • part-time hours

What our policy is

You can apply to change your working arrangements any time, from the first day you’re employed. We’ll tell you as soon as possible — and within one month — if we’ve approved your request or turned it down.

We’ll consider every request and agree to it where this fits with the team, our business and customers.

How to make a request

Apply in writing to the project lead saying what change you would like. Include your name and the date and that the request is made under part 6AA of the Employment Relations Act.

It’s helpful to explain your reason for making the request, but you don’t have to.